The African Safari Experience

Africa is such a special destination, filled with landscapes and wildlife unique only to Africa. As the cradle of human existence filled with wildlands unchanged in thousands of years, those who travel there come back with a passion for the continent they did not expect. 

Africa is a grand trip and one that may seem daunting. But knowing the right travel suppliers is the key to an unforgettable travel experience, and Exquisite Adventures works with some amazing companies to make your African safari experience more than you ever expected. 

One of our favorite travel suppliers in Africa launched the rebranding of their company this week, from “Wilderness Safaris” to “Wilderness Destinations” with a new tagline: 

Discover Earth’s Ultimate, Untamed Places

They accompanied their announcement with a marketing video that I hope you will take a minute to watch.  This video moved me, much as I hope every client of Exquisite Adventures is moved by the vacations we design.

Wilderness Destinations arranges private, custom tours for individuals or small groups to eight countries in southern and eastern Africa, including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania. Vacations are customized to the interests of the group at hand, with special activities they can recommend for families, solo travelers, couples and groups. 

Safaris will vary from day to day, not just by the unique landscapes and wildlife you will encounter, but the unique ways in which you can safari. 

  • Safari by water: Navigating a river or lake on a boat, barge, canoe or Mokoro (a traditional dugout canoe) provides rare sightings of animals and birds as they gather around the water’s edge. 
  • Thrills on foot: Consider adding a gorilla trek through the jungles of Rwanda or a rhino-tracking experience in Namibia or Zambia to your vacation for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
  • Nighttime encounters: Of course, the African experience doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. The bush comes alive at night, awakening the senses as you encounter nocturnal animals you won’t likely see during the day. And of course, you’ll want to experience sleeping under the stars, where the milky way lights up the night sky. 

But Wilderness Destinations is so much more than a safari company. They are also a conservation company. When you travel with Wilderness Destinations, you will learn not only about the amazing 

history, ecology, culture and wildlife of the region you explore, but also about the challenges to protect these areas. Wilderness Destinations has a wide range of conservation initiatives. These initiatives fall into one of three pillars: 

  • Educate: Wilderness Destinations supports a range of educational programs to strengthen the local workforce and teach environmental principles
  • Empower: Employment and small business support strengthen local communities and reduce reliance on the natural resources
  • Protect: Focused on human-wildlife co-existence, Wilderness Destinations supports programs that protect people from wildlife, and wildlife from people. 

These environmental initiatives are woven into the safari experience. Whether protecting black rhinos in Namibia or helping increase the giraffe population in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, visitors learn about and participate in Wilderness Destination’s initiatives. At Bisate Lodge, guests will see the reforestation initiatives while dining on produce grown onsite at the Bisate garden. It is through hospitality that Wilderness Destinations works to protect millions of acres of land and the animals that call it home. And they invite you to be part of the solution. 

I hope you loved this video as much as I did. It is a bold message about the company that created it. They love sharing Africa with the tourists that come to experience it. But more than that, they love to protect Africa.

Which African Safari Should You Embark On?

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